Sten Linnander grew up in Sweden, Afghanistan and Nepal, and later earned a degree in physics and geophysics from the University of Stockholm. He currently lives in Konstanz, Germany, where he divides his time between running an NGO to improve the lot of schoolgirls and women in one of the poorest districts of Western Nepal and working to make “living globes” that depict the Earth as she looks right now available and affordable. His quest in life is to understand how we can reconnect with the living world around us and take our rightful place as conscious participants in its evolution.

In his own words…

I spent my first six years in Sweden. Then our family moved to Kabul, Afghanistan, for two and a half years where I began my education in an English-speaking international school. After another year in Sweden, we traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal, where we stayed for three and a half years. There I first attended a Jesuit school for Nepalese children and then an American school.

Back in Sweden I went on to study physics and geophysics, graduating from the University of Stockholm in 1975.

After a year and a half of work, I left Sweden and joined a radical community in Austria. I was to stay there for three years. Upon leaving the community, I spent the next three years mostly in the United States, acquiring patents for and marketing new German inventions for cleaning oily waste water and other ecologically-oriented technologies.

After that I took a leading role in the development of a social experiment in Germany, working mainly with various aspects of consciousness research. I was the head of a “free university,” organizing visits by internationally acknowledged researchers and innovators from the social, scientific, and spiritual areas. I stayed with this project for eleven years.

In 1989 I co-founded and led a German non-profit organization, which organized aid programs and technological transfer, and carried out a number of small-scale model projects in the areas of ecology, medicine, and city administration in the former Soviet Union. We also worked to promote an international project for the protection of the Arctic, which was sponsored by the Association of Cities of Northwest Russia.

In 1992 I began studying the spiritual-shamanic teachings of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path, an eclectic synthesis of the knowledge of medicine men and women of the Americas and Australia that also incorporates modern scientific and psychological insights. I continued these studies until 2010.

In 1994 I moved to Arizona to focus more deeply on the Path, and during the next eight years I also worked extensively with “Energy Synthesis,” a theory of fluid self-organization in nature developed by the late Alfred Wakeman. I also established a non-profit research organization and initiated a project to prepare for the worldwide distribution of live high-resolution images of the entire Earth, taken from a satellite that unfortunately was rebuilt to observe the Sun as opposed to the Earth.

Since 2002 I have been living and working in Frankfurt, Germany, continuing my work with the live images of the Earth and developing and running further experiments relating to Energy Synthesis. To make a living, I have for the last fifteen years been working as a translator from German to English for companies and individuals.

In 2011 I wrote a book, entitled I Am With You. The Earth wants to talk with us. It was based on experiences I had had back in 1996, as a result of a ceremony, during which I experienced the Earth “talking” to me. This went on for 3 months and in 2011 I reconnected with the Earth and, based on further conversations, wrote the book. Some 5 years later I wrote a second book entitled Welcome Home. Connecting with the Earth from within, which to a great extent was based on answers I got to questions that other people had asked of the Earth.

In 2016, I was drawn to go back to Nepal, where I had spent the happiest years of my childhood. I decided to spend 3 months there, without any agenda. But on my third day there, I was greeted by a stranger on the street with the words: Namaste, Sir. This was the beginning of my work with a health project for rural Nepal, run by the Nepalese NGO HEAR Nepal (HEAR stands for Health, Education, Awareness and Rights). I continue to work to support this project (see link), which keeps presenting me with great challenges as well as great satisfaction.

In May 2021, I restarted my project concerning distributing live images of the entire Earth, this time with the goal of creating “Living Globes” – spherical displays onto which are displayed continuous, live images of both the sunlit and the nighttime views of the Earth. We would see the Earth as a globe in front of us as it truly looks right now. The project is in its initial stages, but I have assembled a powerful team and I do not doubt that it can be done. 

I am married to my beloved wife Karin, whom I first met in 1983; we became a couple in 1984 and were married in 1988. She has been the greatest critic as well as the greatest supporter of my various endeavors.